Post covid regeneration

Regeneracja pocovidowa – to świetny sposób na złapanie nowego oddechu, zrelaksowanie się i nabrania nowych sił. Regeneracja organizmu jest niezwykle ważna w dzisiejszym świecie – sprawia to że nasz organizm zaczyna prawidłowo funkcjonować.

Studies show that even a mild disease of COVID-19 can cause many complications. The personalized pocovid therapy plan that RyterSKI offers focuses on function and improving quality of life and returning to participation in society.

Are you looking for inspiration how to start post covid regeneration? Check how RyterSKI implements real help for those who recovered!

To meet the needs of people after falling ill with COVID-19, our team has developed a therapeutic program aimed at the most common ailments that people suffer from COVID-19, such as: shallow breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue, poor condition, pulse spikes or concentration disorders. The program includes not only strengthening the immune system, but also improving lung ventilation, efficiency, balance and proprioception, hand-eye coordination, concentration and increasing the motivation to actively participate in the rehabilitation process.

In addition, our center focuses on lifestyle medicine - a style that aims to ensure optimal health and minimize the risk of disease. Each participant of the postovid rehabilitation in RyterSKI will find out how important a healthy diet, active lifestyle and staying in a place that combines its unique location with the health-promoting microclimate of beech forests and natural mineral springs are.

Regeneracja pocovidowa - wdech -

RyterSKI invites you for Health!

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