Our actions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

Location and entrance

Dear guests,

Your safety is our highest value. Due to the epidemic situation in Poland, we have introduced additional safety and hygiene rules that will allow you to enjoy a safe and peaceful stay in our Palace.

Safe and friendly location
Our resort is located in a small, peaceful and quiet village, away from the city, in a remote area, without crowds, close to nature. RyterSKI is situated on 1.2 ha of green area, where everyone can find their own space, and outside the area there are forests, mountain trails, walking and bicycle paths.

Security in the hotel

We follow the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health protection (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Ministry of Health) and from the very beginning we follow the required sanitary regime, meeting all the requirements for hotel facilities.

Our hotel staff has been trained in accordance with the guidelines of sanitary services and has the necessary knowledge to ensure the safety of guests (our employees use protective masks and gloves as recommended).

We have limited the number of guests who can simultaneously stay in individual places in the hotel according to their area, using the required distance between people.

On the premises of the hotel there are dispensers with hand disinfectant - incl. at the entrance to the hotel, at the reception, at the entrance to the restaurant, in toilets.

On the premises of the hotel, we disinfect touch surfaces - door handles, handles, light switches, countertops.

We have increased the frequency of airing the rooms.

And this is what we do:

in reception:

Each guest can have their temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer during check-in. The staff has the right to refuse to admit a Guest in the event of low-grade fever or disease symptoms and repeat the procedure during the stay.

During check-in, the Guests keep a sufficient distance between themselves and are separated from the receptionist by transparent glass.

All hotel employees are equipped with protective masks, gloves and disinfectants, and they have the temperature measured every day before starting work.

The reception desk, payment terminals and other public areas are regularly disinfected.

Disinfectant is available at the reception.

During check-in, guests are informed about the introduced rules
(confirmed by the guest's signature)

in the rooms

Airing and disinfecting rooms after guests check-out, and before the arrival of new ones.

During the stay, the rooms are cleaned only upon the express request of the Guests.

Hotel rooms are cleaned using new procedures, in accordance with GIS guidelines, with due diligence along with disinfection of devices.

During cleaning, all countertops, door handles, furniture, fittings, handrails, room ventilation, TV remote control and other items used by guests are disinfected.

It is strictly forbidden to stay in the hotel room of people who are not hotel guests.

in the restaurant

We prepare all meals ourselves, in the kitchen of our restaurant - we do not use external catering.

Before entering the restaurant, dispensers with disinfectant are available and guests are asked to disinfect their hands.

Restaurant employees use safety measures such as gloves and masks.

We maintain the discipline of the required distance between the tables.

We control and supervise the maximum number of guests in the restaurant - based on the available seats, taking into account the rules 1 person / 4 m2

The restaurant accepts and handles orders in the form of table service.

It is possible to order meals to the room in the form of Room Service, and meals to your room will be delivered at the agreed time.

Buffets, tables and all countertops are each time disinfected after the completion of the service.

in the SPA zone

Before entering the SPA zone, there are disinfectants
Masks are required in closed spaces of the SPA zone.

Disposable protective equipment is replaced before each treatment

The door handles to the offices and the equipment used are disinfected each time.

All services in the resort, restaurant and SPA zone are provided in accordance with the regulation and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, GIS and SANEPID.

Please read the applicable guidelines:

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay!

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