Dofinansowanie CSiR

Fundusze Europejskie

Beneficjentem projektu jest spółka RyterSKI Sp Z O.O,
Czerwiński Bogusław, 
Handzel Beata, 
33-343 Rytro, Rytro 302, which is implementing the project 

"Building tourist and recreational infrastructure in the Ryterski Recreation Center Paradise ". 

The project is aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the Rytro commune and extending the offer of the Ryterski Raj Recreation Center. It will have a positive impact on the development of various forms of active leisure and leisure by all age groups of residents and tourists staying in the area, and will also provide the opportunity to spend time together with the family. The implementation of the project will also have a positive impact on the image of the entire subregion, increase in the economic activity of the inhabitants, increase the employment level, stimulate local economic activity, counteract unfavorable demographic and social changes, reduce the outflow of young and educated people and entrepreneurs from the region.

The target group of the project are residents of the Rytro Commune as well as tourists.

The subject of the project is the construction of a tourist and recreational complex with accompanying landscaping objects and elements of technical infrastructure.

Project number: RPMP.06.03.01-12-0079 / 18

Total costs: 2 090 388.22 PLN.
Co-financing: PLN 1,107,733.29.

Project implementation start: October 16, 2018.

Completion of the project implementation: October 30, 2019.

The facility is adapted to the needs of disabled people

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