Who doesn't like ice skating?

Ice Rink

Even when we find it difficult, everyone admires this kind of discipline. Its beauty and grace as well as the winter aura have their charm. Therefore, despite the cold outside, we strongly encourage you to use our ice rink in the winter season. The perfect complement or alternative for people using our Ski Station.
It is also worth remembering about our tavern pod Aniołami, which will warm and strengthen the cold with hot drinks and meals.
The winter season in RYTERSKI has a lot to offer. The Ski Station will allow you to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and much more. The ice rink will be the perfect complement or alternative to winter fun.

An ice rink with dimensions of 30m x 20m

Surely the majority admires skating, be it figure skating, holey or skating. Each but similar is very different. Therefore, we should consider choosing the right skates to fully enjoy riding them. Another aspect is security. For the youngest, we recommend using boots and penguins to learn to drive, while the older ones, with a little caution, should start their beginnings near the bands. The more natural riding becomes for us, the more we enjoy it and the more we choose it. Certainly thanks to this ice rink, many people will spend a great time with their family or happily and actively with a group of friends. For the first time in the 2018/19 season, many people visited us, we hope that in the 2019/20 season there will be even more of you!
Winter offers a lot of attractions, everything depends only on our wishes, and healthy exercise will perfectly warm us on these cold days.


regular ticketPLN 10
reduced ticketPLN 8.00
group ticketPLN 5
rental of skatesPLN 8.00
rental of dolphins
for driving lessons
PLN 8.00
rental of dolphins
for driving lessons - all day
PLN 50

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