Regulaminy - RyterSKI


The following regulations apply to the RyterSKI Recreation Center and apply to all persons staying there.

1. The Regulations define the rules for the provision of services, responsibility and stay at the RyterSKI Recreation Center and is an integral part of the contract, the conclusion of which takes place by checking in, in particular by making a reservation and / or payment of a deposit or the entire amount due for the stay at the Center. By performing the activities listed in the preceding sentence, the Guest confirms that he has read and accepts the terms of the Regulations.
2. The regulations apply to all persons staying on the premises of the RyterSKI Recreation Center.
3. The Guest is supervised by the Receptionist, tel. +48 882 807 112

1. The room is rented for hotel days.
2. The day lasts from 15:00 to 11:00 the next day.
3.If the Guest did not specify the length of stay at RyterSKI at the time of renting the room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one day
4. A request for an extension of the hotel day should be reported by the Guest at the reception, at the latest by 10:00 am on the day of the ending stay. The resort may not take into account the request to extend the stay in the event of using all the accommodation places (rooms) or in the case of a Guest who does not comply with the applicable regulations.
5. The Center reserves the right to refuse to extend the Guest's stay at the Hotel in the event of failure to make full payment for the stay so far.
6. Extending the hotel day involves an additional fee. During the so-called In the "high season", the RyterSKI fee for extending the hotel day is PLN 50/1 hour. Detailed information on fees related to the extension of the day is provided by the reception desk of the Center.

1. The basis for the Guest's check-in is the presentation of an identity document with a photo at the Reception.
2. The hotel guest may not transfer the room to other people, even if the period for which he has paid the fee for the stay has not expired.
3. People who are not registered in the Center may stay in the room as guests from 7:00 a.m. to 22:00.
4. The Center may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the Regulations during their previous stay, in particular by causing damage to the property or guests, personal injury to Guests, employees or other persons staying at the Ryterski Recreation Center.
5. In the event of cancellation of a single room reservation or changes to the reservation up to 3 days before the date of arrival, the Resort will not charge the Guest with a cancellation fee. In the event of cancellation or changes after this date or in the event of a no-show, the Resort will charge the Guest with the amount of 100% of the booking value. In the event of cancellation of the stay 30 days before arrival, the down payment will be refunded or postponed to another booking at the Guest's discretion. The deposit is refunded within 180 days from the receipt of the confirmation of the resignation. In the event of closure of the Center due to force majeure (e.g. epidemic or government regulations), the deposit will not be forfeited: it will be returned or postponed to another booking or in the form of a voucher worth 105%
6. After making the reservation, the Guest receives an e-mail confirmation of the reservation, which includes the conditions of the reservation and information necessary to make a deposit in the amount of 30% of the value of the stay. The resort reserves the right to increase the advance payment to 50% of the booking value on selected dates.
7. If the down payment is not transferred to the bank account by the date specified in the booking confirmation or it is received later, the Resort reserves the right to sell the room to another person and cancel the booking. In the event of a later transfer of the deposit to the bank account, the amount equal to the deposit will be returned to the Guest's bank account within 14 days from the date of canceling the reservation.
8. After the deposit is credited to the bank account, the Guest receives an e-mail confirmation of the reservation.
9. In the event of cancellation or changes by the Guest of the guaranteed reservation, the advance payment is not refundable.
10. In the event of the Guest not arriving at the RyterSKI Center within the time specified in the guaranteed booking agreement, the Hotel shall not refund the amount of the deposit paid in the event of the Guest's resignation from the stay during the day, the facility shall not refund the fee for the given hotel night.
11. In the event of making a reservation too short for banking activities related to the payment of the deposit, before the date of the planned arrival: The RyterSKi Center reserves the right to pre-authorize the payment card or collect funds from it in the amount corresponding to the deposit.

1. The RyterSKI Recreation Center provides services in accordance with its category and standard.
2. In the event of any reservations regarding the quality of services, the Guest is asked to immediately report any reservations at the Reception, which will enable the employees to react and improve the standard of services provided.
3. The resort is obliged to provide guests with:
a) conditions for full and unhindered rest,
b) security of stay, including security of keeping information about the Guest secret,
c) professional and courteous service in the scope of all services provided in the facility, cleaning the room and performing the necessary repair of devices during the Guest's absence, and in his presence only if he wishes to do so,
d) technically efficient service, and in the event of defects that cannot be removed immediately, the Center will make every effort to change the room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience.
4. Additionally, at the Guest's request, the following services are provided free of charge:
a) providing information related to the stay and travel,
b) wake up at a specified time,
c) ordering a taxi
d) A first aid kit available at the reception desk of the Center.
e) Deposit of valuables at the reception.
f) renting a hair dryer, iron, ironing board and kettle.
g) Internet via WiFi available throughout the Resort. Access to the network from the rooms is password protected.
5. At the Guest's request, Ośrodek RyterSKI provides the following services for a fee:
a) room service,
b) scanning and printing documents,
c) renting bicycles and roller skates.

1. At the RyterSKI Recreation Center, children should be under the constant supervision of their legal guardians. Legal guardians will be financially liable for any damage to equipment and technical devices resulting from the actions of children.
2. The guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the facility caused by the fault of his or her visitors. The resort reserves the right to charge the Guest or issue an invoice for the damage caused after his departure. The price list of equipment is attached as Appendix 1 to the Regulations.
3. In the event of violation of the provisions of the Regulations, the Ryterski Recreation Center may refuse to provide services to the person who violates them. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the requests of the Center, settle the amount due for the services provided so far, pay for any damage and leave the facility.
4. Each time leaving the room, for safety reasons, the Guest should turn off the electrical devices, turn off the lights, turn off the taps and check that the doors and windows are closed.
5. Reception only issues one room key. Therefore, it should always be left at the reception desk when leaving the facility. A deposit of PLN 50 is charged for the issuance of the second key. The fee for losing the key is PLN 50.
6. For guests who have skis or snowboards with them, we issue an access card to the storage room and the entrance door to the slope. The fee for losing the card is PLN 50. When collecting the card, a deposit of PLN 50 is charged.

1. The RyterSKI Recreation Center is responsible for the loss or damage of items brought by people using its services to the extent specified in the provisions of the Civil Code.
2. The RyterSKI Recreation Center shall not be liable for theft of money, property, damage or destruction of securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value, if these items have not been deposited and placed in a hotel safe.
3. The guest should notify the Reception about the damage immediately after it has been discovered.
4. The RyterSKI Recreation Center shall not be liable for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest, items left in it and live animals, regardless of whether these vehicles have been parked in the Center's car park.

1. Personal belongings left in the room by the Guest on their departure may be sent to the address indicated by the Guest at their expense. In the event of not receiving such an instruction, the Center will store the above items at the expense of the owner for a period of three months, and after that time the items will become the property of the facility.

1. In the Recreation Center RyterSKI there is a quiet night from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day.

1. Guests have the right to lodge a complaint in the event of noticing any deficiencies in the quality of the services provided.
2. All complaints are accepted by the Receptionist.
3. The complaint should be submitted immediately after noticing the shortcomings in the standard of the services provided.

§10 Senior Card, Large Family Card, Polish Tourist Voucher
1. In the Ryterski Recreation Center we honor:
a) Large Family Card
b) Senior Card
c) Polish Tourist Voucher
2. The discount of 10% for the holders of the above cards includes:
d) accommodation with breakfast (price from the price list)
e) orders over PLN 50 at the Gospoda Rogasiowa restaurant
f) orders over PLN 100 in Oberża pod angołami
g) treatments from the SPA price list
3. Discounts do not apply to other promotional offers, such as packages.
4. Tourist voucher, redeemed in accordance with the Act of 15 July 2020 on the Polish Tourist Boon.

Pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation ) and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018, I would like to inform you that:
1. The administrator of personal data processed in business processes is RYTER-SKI Sp. z o. o
2. The administrator's seat is at Rytro 302, 33-343 Rytro.
3. In matters related to the processing of personal data, you can contact us in writing to the address of the registered office.
4. Personal data will be processed in order to perform own tasks or those resulting from applicable regulations.
5. Personal data will be made available to Partners and other cooperating entities, to a specified extent.
6. Providing personal data is voluntary.
7. The basis for the processing of personal data are legal requirements, and to the extent that goes beyond the provisions of law, the consent of the data subject.
8. The provided personal data will be processed for a period not longer than it is necessary to achieve the purposes for which they are processed.
9. The person whose data is processed has the right to:
• access to the content of your personal data, request for rectification or deletion
• processing restrictions
• data portability
• withdrawal of consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal
• lodging a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

1. Walking in ski boots is strictly forbidden in the RyterSKI Recreation Center. Shoes and ski equipment should be left in the storage room located in the Center.
2. Failure to comply with point 1 (i.e. WALKING WITH SKI BOOTS) is subject to a penalty of: PLN 500
3. For an additional fee, the Ryterski Recreation Center accepts animals in selected rooms, however, the owner of the animal is obliged to keep it tethered in the Center and to remove any dirt left by the animal. The owner of the dog is financially responsible for any damage caused by the dog and is obliged to ensure that his dog does not behave loudly in the premises of the facility, and that it does not disturb the guests' rest. Each dog must have a leash, a muzzle and a valid vaccination booklet.
4. We offer ECO ROOMS, i.e. rooms devoid of any devices that emit harmful radiation, such as TV sets, monitors, etc.
5. Smoking of tobacco products is strictly forbidden in the RyterSKI Recreation Center. In the event of a breach of the rule, the Guest will be charged a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 500 (for each breach of the ban), which will be added to the bill. In the event of a fire and the arrival of the fire brigade, the Guest will also be charged. On the premises of the facility, smokers can use the external surroundings of the facility.
6. Possession and use of narcotic drugs prohibited by law is strictly forbidden in the Center. If it is found that this prohibition is violated, this fact will be reported to the Police and the Guest will have to leave the Center immediately without the right to reimbursement of costs resulting from the shortening of the stay.
7. It is not allowed to store dangerous goods, weapons and ammunition, flammable, explosive or illuminating materials in the rooms.
8. The guest agrees to the processing and storage of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926; as amended) by the RyterSKI Recreation Center 33-343 Rytro 302 for the purposes of necessary for the Guest's stay, the Guest's use of other services provided by the Resort. The guest has the right to inspect their personal data and correct them.
9. On the premises of the RyterSKI Recreation Center, it is forbidden to conduct acquisitions and door-to-door sales, as well as gambling.
10. The guest will not cause, and the RyterSKI Recreation Center will not allow excessive noise in the facility, unpleasant odors to escape from the room, or otherwise disturb, harm or irritate other Guests.
11. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the rooms and their equipment.
12. In the Center, it is possible to use the SPA zone, playroom and billiard room on the basis of separate regulations, available at the reception, which guests are obliged to read and comply with.
13. Each room left by the Guest is disinfected with specialized, certified preparations before accepting the next one and during routine cleaning. All devices, furniture, door handles, fittings, handrails, TV remote controls and other devices are disinfected in the rooms.
14. The full version of the RyterSKI Center regulations, safe hotel procedures, information on personal data, SPA regulations can be found on our website and at the reception desk.

1. Definition of a voucher
a) Voucher - a document issued by the RYTERSKI Recreation Center, enabling the implementation of specific stay services or other services provided in the Center, in accordance with the prior booking of the date specified in these Regulations.
b) Buyer / Beneficiary - any adult natural person or legal person who has a voucher issued by the RYTERSKI Recreation Center, accepting the provisions of these Regulations.
c) Purchase of a voucher - payment by the buyer of the voucher of the amount corresponding to the value of the selected voucher, the date of purchase is the day of debiting the account indicated in point of these Regulations
d) Realization of a voucher - exchange by a person who has a voucher for services offered by the Center up to the amount indicated on the voucher. The condition for the provision of services by the RYTERSKI Recreation Center is an earlier reservation of the date.
2. Purchase of a voucher
a) The condition for the purchase of the voucher is to make a payment by bank transfer to the indicated account:
Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości o / d Nowy Sącz
Account number: 39 8811 0006 0002 0209 8462 0002
Ryterski Sp. z oo, 33-343 RYTRO 302
or in cash at the reception of the RYTERSKI Recreation Center
If the payment is not confirmed within 14 days from the date of purchase, the Voucher will be automatically removed from the system.
b) After making the payment, the voucher is issued by the Recreation Center RYTERSKI and sent to the e-mail address provided by the Purchaser of the Voucher or handed over in person at the reception of the Center
3. Implementation and entitlement resulting from the voucher
a) The gift voucher is issued for a specific person.
b) The voucher cannot be used by another person.
c) The voucher is valid for 90 days from the date of purchase of the voucher, unless the description of the Voucher states otherwise.
d) Vouchers cannot be used during special and holiday stays.
e) The validity of the voucher cannot be extended.
f) To use the voucher, please contact the reception desk by phone or e-mail and arrange the date of using the voucher.
g) In order to use the voucher, its unique number must be provided in advance.
h) The voucher expires in the case of booking the date of stay, treatment, and failure to appear on a given day at the agreed time without prior notification of the Center (in the case of a residence voucher, the acceptable cancellation period without expiry of the voucher is 21 days, in the case of a SPA voucher - 3 days).
i) The purchased voucher is non-refundable.
j) The voucher is not a means of payment, it cannot be exchanged for cash, and the rest cannot be issued.
k) The voucher may be used only once. It cannot be divided.
l) The Gifted Person is obliged to present the voucher at the reception of the RYTERSKI Recreation Center during check-in.
m) Any complaints related to the purchase of the service with the use of a voucher will be considered within 30 (thirty) days from the date of submitting a written complaint by the user. Complaints may be submitted directly to the reception desk of the Center no later than 24 hours from the time of check-in.
4. Final provisions:
a) These regulations are available at
b) Recreation Center RYTERSKI is not responsible for lost or damaged Vouchers.
c) These regulations are considered accepted by the Purchaser of the Voucher at the time of payment.

RyterSKI SPA regulations 

1. Guests using treatments and the SPA zone are required to complete a declaration and a questionnaire.
2. The fee for the SPA treatment should be paid at the main reception desk of the RyterSKI Recreation Center prior to its performance.
3. You should arrive at least 5 minutes for the scheduled treatment. before the scheduled start time.
4. If you are late for the agreed date, the treatment time will be shortened.
5. Reimbursement of costs for the treatment is possible only in the case of cancellation, not later than one hour before its start.
6. Treatments included in the package not used within the agreed period will be forfeited.
7. There is a possibility of using bathrobes and additional towels. Payment at the reception of the RyterSKI Center.
8. Before performing the procedure, read the contraindications for its performance. People with heart diseases cannot use the sauna and bathing in tubs.
9. People whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants, as well as people with infectious diseases, rashes, open wounds cannot use the treatments at RyterSKI SPA. The final decision is made by an employee of RyterSKI SPA.

10. We recommend:
- avoiding sunbathing immediately before and after treatments
- avoiding heavy meals before treatments - an hour's rest after heat treatments.
11. RyterSKI SPA is not responsible for jewelery and other valuables brought to the SPA area.
12. In the SPA it is prohibited to:
- smoking tobacco,
- bringing and consuming food, alcohol and intoxicants
- using cell phones, introducing animals,
- loud and inappropriate behavior in any way affecting the discomfort of other guests.
13. The purchase of a given service is tantamount to the customer's declaration that there are no health contraindications to use this service and that he has read these regulations and accepts their terms.
14. The possibility of changing the components of the SPA package (massages, treatments) exists only in the case of confirmed documented health contraindications. Users of SPA treatments are fully responsible for their safety and health.
15. You must make an appointment for the selected treatment in advance.


  1. The sauna and jacuzzi are an integral part of the RYTERSKI Recreation Center and are governed by the provisions of the General Regulations and these Regulations.
  2. Before using the saunas and jacuzzi, users should read these regulations
  3. The complex of saunas and jacuzzi is an object serving the process of biological regeneration and rehabilitation
  4. The sauna complex can be a non-textile zone. Users must take into account the possibility that this zone will be used by naked or incompletely dressed people
  5. Only healthy people can use the sauna and jacuzzi.
  6. The use of saunas is allowed only for persons over 18 years of age. Children use the saunas and jacuzzi only under adult supervision.
  7. People with heart disease, hypertension, stroke, blood vessel diseases, inflammation of internal organs, fever, thyroid patients, pregnant and menstrual women, patients suffering from epilepsy, with intense skin diseases, eczema, septic infections, acute or incurable tuberculosis, symptoms of decompression, people whose condition indicates the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  8. The saunas should be used completely naked with a dry towel wrapped around the body, the bathing suit retains sweat on the body and may irritate the skin.
  9. A towel should be provided when spending time in the sauna.
  10. Before entering the sauna and jacuzzi, the whole body should be washed in a shower and then wiped dry.
  11. Before entering the saunas, remove all metal objects, as they may cause burns.
  12. The sauna and jacuzzi must be entered barefoot.
  13. Entering saunas, the user confirms that his health condition does not prevent him from taking advantage of this form of recreation.
  14. People with cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and gastric dysfunctions as well as pregnant women should use the jacuzzi with special care and after medical consultation.
  15. It is recommended to all persons using the sauna complex and jacuzzi to consult a doctor before using the saunas and after several stays in the sauna to check its effect on health.
  16. Users of saunas and jacuzzis take full responsibility for their safety and health.

2. Entry to the gym is available to hotel guests at the Ryterski Recreation Center and persons with a monthly pass or a single entry.
3. People who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are forbidden to enter the gym.
4. Entering the gym is tantamount to accepting the regulations.
5. Minors using the gym must be under the supervision of a guardian, have a written consent of a parent or legal guardian.
6. Youth camps using the gym absolutely must be under the supervision of a trainer, guardian or educator.
7. Clients of the gym are obliged to strictly respect the instructor's instructions and the gym's staff.
8. A client of the gym may be an adult and a person who is 16 years of age or older and has the written consent of parents or legal guardians.
9. At the gym, sports outfits and changeable, clean sports shoes are required.
10. Customers are required to perform the exercises safely, ie exercise with loads that they are able to control themselves.
11. Customers are obliged to keep order after the end of the exercises (put the used instruments back in the right place) and keep the stands clean (a towel placed on the upholstery of the devices).
12. The customer is responsible for valuables brought to the gym.
13. The client uses the gym at his own risk.
14. The gym is a monitored room.
15. A customer who feels unwell during exercise or staying at the gym is obliged to stop exercising immediately and notify the gym staff.
15. The instructor has the right to stop the exercises if the client's health condition does not allow for their further continuation and, at the client's request, call an ambulance doctor.
16. The gym instructor and the customer who was injured as a result of a random event are required to draw up an accident report and initial it himself.
17. We arrange personal trainings individually with the trainer at the number 606713023.
18. External trainers who want to train at the gym with their clients are required to contact the director of the Ryterski Sports and Recreation Center in advance.
19. There is an absolute ban on commercial activities at the gym without the prior consent of the director of CSiR Ryterski.

1. People using the roller-skating rink are obliged to strictly follow the recommendations resulting from these regulations and to follow the instructions of the service staff.
2.The service staff have the right not to let people who are drunk or under the influence of intoxicants, violate public order, decency or pose a threat to themselves or others, or leave the facility, and do not comply with the rules of the regulations. , instructions, markings on the premises or instructions of the employees of the roller-skating rink service. The above-mentioned situations may result in taking appropriate steps provided for by law.
3. Persons with a valid ticket are authorized to use the roller-skating rink.
4. On the rolling plate:
- people can stay only in rollerblades / inline skates wearing elbow pads,
- children up to 12 years of age may use the roller skating rink only under the care of adults and must have a protective helmet and protectors,
- roller skating takes place in one direction, which is determined by the operation of the skating rink.
5. Use extreme caution when driving on the rolling surface
6. In order to ensure the safety of people on the roller-skating area, it is absolutely forbidden to:
- use of sticks, hockey pucks and other items that may pose a threat to other users of the skating rink,
- sitting on the rails around the roller-skating rink,
- bringing and consuming food and drinks to the rolling plate,
- destroying equipment and devices,
- creating dangerous situations for the users of the skating rink, driving against the current, organizing races and dangerous games
- bringing animals,
- smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs,
- bring glass packages and other items that may pose a threat to users,
- littering the area,
- disturbing order and using vulgar words,
- inline skating outside of the roller field.
7. Rollers are installed on the premises of the facility directly in front of the entrance to the roller field.
8. The service is not responsible for items left on the premises of the facility.
9. Accompanying persons may stay in places designated for viewers.
10. The users of the facility bear the risk associated with practicing amateur and competitive sports. Users use the roller-blast at their own risk.
11. In the event of discovering the damage caused, the person responsible for making the damage bears full financial responsibility. In the case of minors, the financial responsibility lies with the parent or legal guardian.
12. Any noticed damage or threats, accidents or other events that may affect your own or others' safety should be immediately reported to the staff or reception desk of the RyterSKI center.

1. Children up to 7 years of age may use the ice rink only under the supervision of their parents or guardians.
2. Persons with a valid admission ticket are authorized to use the ice rink.
3. Entry to the skating rink takes place in accordance with the skating rink work schedule.
4. There is a skate rental available to people using the ice rink.
5. People using the ice rink are required to:
- cultural behavior on the site
- drive carefully on ice
- taking care of the rented equipment
- absolute compliance with all comments and instructions from the organizer of the ice rink
- immediately notify the skating rink employee in the event of noticing technical defects or any irregularities
- compliance with law and order in force on the premises
6. People using the ice rink are not allowed to:
- climb boards in shoes without skates
- climb onto the panes while cleaning the ice
- perform jumps, rapidly change the direction of travel, sit on the boards and cross the boards of the ice rink
- throw any object on the surface of the ice rink
- ride with hockey sticks (outside of competitions or ice rink events)
- smoke tobacco, bring in and consume alcohol and intoxicants on the premises of the facility under pain of removal from the premises of the RyterSKI facility
7. Drunk people and people under the influence of intoxicants will not be allowed to enter the RyterSKI facility
8. In relation to people who do not comply with these regulations, the skating rink employee may take the following measures:
- draw attention to the public and call for order
- remove persons disturbing public order from the premises or hand them over to the police
- people notoriously not complying with the regulations will not be allowed to enter the facility throughout the season
9. Persons who destroy devices or equipment of the ice rink are financially responsible for the damage caused.
10. A person using the ice rink is obliged to read the regulations and follow their rules.
11. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, the RyterSKI Recreation Center reserves the right to close the ice rink.

Guardians make every effort to create the best possible conditions for children to rest, enable them to actively participate in the life of the group and organize their free time in a pleasant and useful way.

1. Participants are under the care of educators from 8 to 16 during day camps
2. Participants stay under the care of educators from the placement of the child in the Center until the end of the stay during the summer camp
3. In the case of picking up the child by the guardian or returning home on their own, the parents are obliged to write a declaration
4. Participants have the right to:
a. Have a good rest
b. Participation in all activities, trips and events organized during the stay
c. Use of all devices and equipment necessary for the implementation of the program
d. Meals included in their offer
5. Participants are required to:
a. Absolutely follow the instructions of educators
b. Respect the framework schedule for the day
c. Take part in the implementation of the program
d. Maintain personal hygiene, neat appearance and cleanliness
e. Respect property, teaching aids (parents or guardians are materially responsible for damages caused by a child)
f. Cultural behavior while eating
g. Observe the rules of moving on the roads
h. The participant of the day camp is obliged to have clothes used for outdoor games, outdoor and indoor activities, adequate to the weather conditions, have sports clothes and changeable sports shoes, and be prepared to go to the swimming pool (swimming trunks, a cap, swimming goggles, flip-flops) h. )
6. Unauthorized withdrawal from the guardians, insubordination, indiscipline, failure to follow the educators' instructions, failure to comply with the regulations will be punished with a reprimand, reprimand, and ultimately exclusion from the stay without the possibility of refund

The organizers are not responsible for items lost by participants during the stay and for damage to items belonging to children and made by other participants. We encourage you not to bring valuable devices, such as phones, music players, etc., not necessary for participation in the classes.

Parents or guardians are required to:
1. Make an advance payment in the amount of 50% as part of the confirmation of entering the child on the list of participants
2. Make the payment of the remaining amount for the stay at least one week before its commencement. Lack of payment will mean resignation from the stay

Parents are required to:
1. To read the information clause of the student / ward and the information clause of the event participant, as well as to sign the consent to the processing of personal data and other required documents
2. To bring and pick up children on time according to the schedule of activities in the case of day camps
3. They are responsible for the safe route of the child from the place of residence to the Ryterski Recreation Center or the place designated by the organizer and back.
4.If a child arrives at the assembly point on their own without a parent / guardian, the parents are required to complete an appropriate declaration and attach it to the application form.
5. If necessary, they are obliged to write a written authorization for people who can pick up the child from classes and attach it to the application form.
6. They are aware that the child has been insured by the Organizer for the duration of the stay, at the same time they do not exclude the purchase of additional insurance by the parent / legal guardian

Regulations for the use of the "Chatka Rogasiowa" cottage in the RyterSKI Recreation Center

  1. We follow the current guidelines of national institutions responsible for health protection (Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, Ministry of Health) and from the very beginning we comply with the required sanitary regime, meeting all the requirements for hotel facilities. The staff of our center has been trained in accordance with the guidelines of sanitary services and has the necessary knowledge to ensure the safety of guests (our employees use protective masks and gloves as recommended).

  2. Guests staying in a cottage called "Chatka Rogasiowa" are asked to follow the rules of safe and cultural rest.

  3. Persons registered with paid stay are entitled to use the cottage. The cottage can accommodate up to 6 adults.

  4. The hotel day lasts from 15:00 on the day of arrival until 11:00 the next day. In special cases, other times can be set.

  5. If you wish to extend your stay beyond the agreed date, please report your needs as soon as possible at the reception of the center, no later than 10:00 am on the day of the ending stay. The resort may not take into account the request to extend the stay in the event of a reservation of the cottage by another tenant or in the case of a Guest who does not comply with the applicable Regulations. Extending the hotel day involves an additional fee. Detailed information on fees related to the extension of stay is provided by the reception desk

  6. Reservation of the cottage will take place after the payment of the entire amount due and it is also the acceptance of the Regulations.

  7. Accommodation takes place on the basis of the presented identity document, reading the Regulations and signing the house's collection card.

  8. A deposit of PLN 200 is required, which will be returned on the day of departure.

  9. The tenant may not transfer or make the house available to third parties; the house cannot be inhabited by more people than the number reported when booking.

  10. The cottage has bed linen for one rental period.

  11. The house is handed over to the guests for use and picked up on departure by the RyterSKA service. The condition for the return of the deposit is prior notification of the departure time in order to enable efficient technical collection of the house.

  12. Before receiving new guests and during routine cleaning, the entire house is disinfected with all furniture, door handles, fittings, handrails, a TV remote control and other devices.

  13. The cottage includes the following equipment:

    TV, washing machine, fridge, induction cooker, fireplace, Finnish sauna, ironing board, electric kettle, set of dishes and cutlery, kitchen knives, cutting decks, 2 coffee sets, a set of glasses, glass mugs, stemware, sheepskins (4 pcs), cave pillows - small (4 pcs), large pillows (4 pcs), sleeping fights (4 pcs).

  14. The Lessee is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices caused by his fault or the fault of his visitors during the stay in Rogasiowa Hut. Please exercise due diligence in closing the door and keeping an eye on the day of departure.

  15. The cottage is always prepared and clean on the day of rent. Please, return the house in the same technical condition as on the day of arrival. Financial compensation for the above-mentioned repair / replacement will be charged according to the cost of repair / replacement and must be paid no later than on the day of departure.

  16. Due to the fact that the parents bear responsibility for the safety and any consequences of their children's actions, we ask for increased care over them.

  17. RyterSKI is not responsible for items left by Guests in Rogasiowa Chatka.

  18. The presence of dogs in the cottage is allowed only with a valid vaccination certificate, in a muzzle and on a leash. Dog owners are asked to clean up their excrements.

  19. The owner is not responsible for valuable property left in Rogasiowa Chata, in particular, such as: cash, securities, jewelry, precious stones, documents, numismatic collections, philatelic collections, works of art or other valuable, historic, artistic or unique items. The parking space at the cottage is an unguarded place,

  20. Personal belongings left by the Guest on their way in Rogasiowa Chatka may be sent back to the address indicated by the Guest at their expense. In the event of not receiving such an instruction, the Center will store the above items at the expense of the owner for a period of three months, and after that time the items will become the property of the facility.

  21. Guests of Rogasiowa Chatka can park their cars only in the unguarded car park of the RyterSKI Center. RyterSKI is not responsible for loss, damage to vehicles or property left in them.

  22. In the winter season, Chatka Rogasiowa can be reached by a ski lift during the opening hours of the ski station. In the summer season, a trail leads to the Chatka (about 25-30 minutes walking distance from the main building). RyterSKI delivers luggage to the house free of charge, and for an additional fee, it is possible to transport guests.

  23. The landlord of Rogasiowa Hut only receives one key from the house. When leaving the facility, it should always be left at the reception. The fee for losing the key is PLN 50.

  24. Due to the wooden structure of the cottage, fire protection rules must be followed. It is not allowed to leave open fire unattended (kitchenette, fireplace), do not use electric heating devices or other devices that may cause a fire hazard. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use electrical devices that are not part of the house's equipment in the cottage.

  25. There is a total ban on smoking and tobacco in Rogasiowa Chatka.

  26. Please find out where in the cottage there is a fire extinguisher. .

  27. For the devastation of Rogasiowa Chatka, the unauthorized use of a fire extinguisher and the resulting consequences, users of the house will be charged with additional fees.

  28. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the cottage and its equipment.  

  29. The owner reserves the right to demand that guests who do not comply with the Regulations leave Rogasiowa Chatka and the area of the RyterSKI Center.

  30. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Act on tourist services shall apply accordingly.


These Regulations are valid from November 1, 2020.

We wish you a pleasant holiday
RyterSKi Recreation Center

The RyterSKI recreation center welcomes guests with their pets (pets) - for an additional fee. When booking your stay, please inform about your pet's arrival. Accommodation of guests with pets is allowed only in designated rooms. We oblige our guests to comply with our regulations.

• Only domestic animals (non-aggressive dogs and cats) are allowed in the center.
• The cost of each animal's stay in the hotel is PLN 35 per night for a small dog or cat and PLN 50 for a large dog.
• Pets should be kept in the owners' rooms.
• Dogs must be led on a leash and in a muzzle, under the care of the owner or an authorized person.
• It is strictly forbidden to bring pets to the restaurant, gym, playroom, gym and SPA.
• If the bedding in the room where the pet is staying is dirty (hair, mud) or damaged, the owner is obliged to buy the whole set of bedding.
• Dog owners are obliged to clean up litter left by dogs on the premises and around the center.
• Cat owners must have a sand litter box and empty it into a plastic bag, which will then be thrown into the container indicated by the hotel employee.
• No animal should be left alone in the room if it disturbs the peace of other guests during this time.
• All damage to the property of the resort or the property of other guests caused by pets will be assessed by the hotel management and the owners will be charged for them.
• Failure to inform the hotel reception about having a pet in the room will result in a fine of PLN 300.

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