Jarosław Pasoń

Sports Director, Personal Trainer

My name is Jarosław Pasoń and I am a graduate of AWF Kraków. I was a representative at the Polish Academic Championships in volleyball and tennis in the AWF Krakow University and a player of STT Fakro Nowy Sącz.

Currently I am a PZT competitive training trainer, certified personal trainer with 7 years of experience, a trainer of motor preparation, coach medical, ski instructor downhill, volleyball and swimming, sports manager and the winner of the competition for the coach of the year organized by the portal www.wmeskimkregu.pl, in which I took third place. Apart from sport, I am also passionate about a healthy lifestyle.
I have been skiing since I was 4, I trained volleyball for many years playing in Dunajec Nowy Sącz and AZS AWF Kraków. I attended a training camp representatives of Poland in the sports walk to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. I conducted general development classes with the 72d team by Oshee cycling team (currently 72d Rowmix Java Team) and hosted Tomasz Marczyński from the Lotto Soudal group. You can follow me and my results on the STRAVA application.

Want change your lifestyle, improve your figure, increase efficiency and finally feel healthy? I help people who want to reduce body weight and prepare their body for selected sports at every level of advancement.

Thanks to my extensive experience in many sports, I can advise and choose the right exercises so as to arrange individual training program for everyone.

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