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A certified dietician

My name is Magdalena Marszałek and I am a graduate Faculty of Food Technology at the University of Agriculture in Krakow with a master's degree in dietetics. I gained my professional experience working as a dietitian in a Sanatorium, conducting trainings and leading clients
in sports facilities. I mainly specialize in clinical dietetics, in particular diet therapy for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, diseases
thyroid gland; and kidney disease. I am currently running workshops for children and adults as well consultation for individuals in sports facilities and for
RyterSKI guests on slimming camps. I constantly expand my knowledge by participating in courses and training in the field of dietary therapy, new research and trends.

Dietetics it's not only my job but also passion!! I show my clients that you can change eating habits permanently preparing
tasty and simple meals, which directly affects their health and well-being. In my work, I follow an individual approach,
because each person has a separate story, and weight problems are often a consequence of other health problems.
I invite you to a consultation during the stay at RyterSKI.

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