Modern tennis courts in Rytro

RyterSKI offers two tennis courts at the Sports and Recreation Center.

RyterSKI tennis courts include:
A special, artificial grass surface.
LED lighting (halogen) providing high level of brightness for evening games.


Tennis CourtPLN 25 / h (PLN 30 after sunset)
Tennis racketPLN 5.00
4 balls 1hPLN 5
A basket of ballsPLN 15.00
Individual tennis training (1h)PLN 70 + court fee (equipment included)
Tennis training for 2 people (1h)PLN 80 + court fee (equipment included)
Group tennis training (1h)35 PLN / person (minimum 3 people)

* Scheduling tennis or personal training direct contact with instructor 606 713 023
* Tennis training is coached by Jarosław Pasoń - licensed trainer of basic and competitive training of the Polish Tennis Association

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