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In a clean air zone

In a clean air zone
In a clean air zone

Are you looking for a place away from the city and noise? A place that will surprise you with its unique interior design, delicious food, and many options for active recreation all year round? You've come to the right place! RyterSKi is the perfect place for unforgettable weekends and short family stays, holidays, business meetings, conferences, and organizing active leisure activities for children and teenagers. Our location is the quintessence of relaxation in the mountains: contact with nature, amazing views, and contemplation of the beauty of nature.

To break up of routines To break up of routines To break up of routines
A place

To break up of routines

The RyterSKI resort is located in Rytro, in the Poprad Landscape Park, in the south of Poland, right on the border with Slovakia.

We are at the foot of the slope,  next to the "Ryterski Raj" ski station and along the mountain trails and EuroVelo cycling routes. In winter, our guests go straight to the slope and each room has a view of Jastrzębska Mountain  and the Roztoka Valley.

A lodging base A lodging base A lodging base
Exquisite cuisine and...

A lodging base

We offer our guests peace and relaxation amidst beautiful nature, rustling forests and rushing mountain streams. The picturesque landscape makes this place exceptional and the proximity to nature allows for a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities and everyday rush.  Situated near the ski lifts, RyterSKI provides its guests with accommodation directly on the slope!
The Rogasiowa Inn at the RyterSKI Resort serves exquisite cuisine in a unique atmosphere and catering to those with specific preferences. We also offer vegan and vegetarian cuisine. The Tavern under the Angels operates in winter, serving skiers snacks from a regional grill together with the sounds of highland music.

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Health and beauty

SPA Offer

Make the most of natural sources: clean and fresh air, mineral water from local springs, mountain streams, fragrant forests. The nature surrounding our resort is a quiet zone, with perfect conditions to relax and free yourself from the big city noise and stress.
The combination of nature's gifts and our professional equipment, qualified staff and products based on natural ingredients, RyterSKI SPA is what fuels the incredible treatment effects.

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