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The combination of what nature gives us with professional equipment we have, qualified staff and cosmetics based on natural ingredients is a guarantee of obtaining the best results of therapy. We offer our guests treatments in the field of biological regeneration, rehabilitation and a wide range of face and body care treatments. In addition, you can relax and feel better while using jacuzzi and dry sauna and steam room.
We invite you to take advantage of the offer of our SPA.


Body treatments

  1. Energizing Therapy
Treatments dedicated to skin lacking energy and exposed to the stress of pollution. After the treatments, the skin becomes silky smooth and delicate.
The power of refreshment
brine bath in a SPA capsule / whole body peeling / relaxing massage with a body mask 120 min 370 zł
  2. Detoxifying Therapy
Refreshing therapy based on active ingredients from the seas and oceans. Intended for tired skin in need of revitalization. The therapy provides an immediate feeling of refreshment and smoothness, leaving the skin moisturized and taut.
Sea detox
powder bath in a SPA capsule / salt peeling / relaxing massage of the whole body 90 min 370 zł
  3. Slimming Therapy
Supports the reduction of cellulite. The high concentration of integrated active substances, such as coffee extract, algae and guarana extract guarantee the effectiveness of treatments and immediate effects.
Slim & Fit
sugar peeling/energizing massage 60 min 250 zł
  4. Soothing therapy
Intended for dry and sensitive skin prone to irritation. The composition of the therapy is rich in selected natural raw materials with a nutritional and soothing effect. It guarantees the reconstruction and strengthening of the natural protective barrier. Provides an immediate feeling of relief, hydration and long-lasting comfort.
Milky hydration
sugar peeling / soothing butter 60 min 250 zł
Milky renewal
powder bath in a capsule/sugar peeling/serum/eskra soothing mask/body butter 120 min 370 zł
  5. Nursing Therapy - black orchid
The therapy was born out of love for the care of beautiful moments. Products from this line allow you to create aromatic, regenerating treatments. The sensual, sensual fragrance lasts for a long time.
Sensual hydration
Powder capsule bath/relaxing back massage/body butter 90 min 310 zł
6. Body peeling
Choice of: salt or sugar. 25 min 110 zł


Facial treatments

Ani Aging ritual
A treatment with a high concentration of active ingredients covering the face, neck and cleavage. 75 min 300 zł
Care for vascular and sensitive skin A treatment that soothes redness, soothes burning sensations and skin tension. Rebuilds the hydro-lipid coat and restores the appropriate pH of the skin. 60 min 270 zł
Balancing treatment Dedicated to problematic, oily and acne skin. Regulates sebum secretion, intensively cleanses and prevents acne. 60 min 230 zł
Oxygenating treatment Deep cell regeneration. Protects the skin against free radicals. Restores skin elasticity and radiance. 60 min 260 zł
Facial treatment with ultrasound Ultrasound stimulates cell metabolism and regeneration, affects the deeper layers of the epidermis, thereby increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. 30 min 160 zł
Cavitation peeling with collagen mask The treatment removes calloused epidermis, thoroughly cleanses the skin and stimulates regenerative processes. The hydrogel mask is rich in active substances, perfectly moisturizes, regenerates and nourishes the skin. 30 min 150 zł
Microdermabrasion The treatment involves mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis using diamond crystals. Instantly smoothes, brightens and cleanses the skin. 30 min 220 zł
Anti-wrinkle treatment Reduction of wrinkles and furrows, elasticity, thickening and refreshing of the epidermis and provision of nutrients. 60 min 270 zł
A moisturizing and nourishing treatment It has a strong nourishing, stimulating and invigorating effect. Restores elasticity and tension to the skin. Balances the water and lipid balance. 30 min 160 zł
Cosmetic massage of the face, neck and cleavage Gently stimulates circulation. It has a regenerating, nourishing and oxygenating effect. It helps eliminate wrinkles. 25 min 130 zł
Cavitation peeling     50 zł

Treatments in the SPA capsule

Hydromassage   15 min 70 zł
Baths aromatherapy with essential oil
with sea minerals
15 min 100 zł

SPA for hands and feet

Velvet hands Moisturizing and regenerating ritual, smoothes the skin of the hands with peeling and massage with a nourishing cream 30 min. 100 zł
Classic manicure with painting A hand care treatment ending with painting your nails 60 min. 130 zł
Classic pedicure with painting Pedicure with a milling machine, peeling, mask in a SPA massage chair 90 min. 150 zł

Classic manicure without painting

Hand care treatment. 60 min 120 zł
Hybrid manicure This treatment is aimed mainly at women who value long-lasting effects that last from 2 to 3 weeks. 90 min. 140 zł
Classic pedicure without painting Pedicure with a milling machine, peeling, mask in a SPA massage chair 90 min 130 zł
Removing the hybrid   30 min. 50 zł
Velvet feet Foot hydro massage with softening bath salt, foot peeling and massage with moisturizing cream. 40 min. 120 zł

Facial and body cosmetics

Henna of eyebrows   40 zł
Henna of eyelashes   40 zł
Henna of eyelashes and brows   50 zł
Eyebrow regulation   30 zł

Face massage

  90 zł

Offer for children

Fabulous nail painting for our princesses 30 min. 50 zł
A colorful bath in a SPA capsule for a rascal 20 min. 80 zł
Elfi Braid 20 min 50 zł


Burning candle Aromatherapeutic massage with hot oils will put you in a state of deep relaxation. Całe ciało
55 min.
200 zł Plecy
25 min.
110 zł
Chinese bubble Highly hyperemic and draining, accelerating metabolism, fat burning and removing toxins from the body, reduces muscle tension. Modelujący uda/brzuch/pośladki
45 min.
190 zł Plecy
25 min.
120 zł
Relaxing Special techniques in relaxing massage bring you into a state of deep relaxation, reduce the feeling of tension and stress. Całościowy
55 min
180 zł Plecy
25 min.
90 zł
Sporty Perfect for skiers and active people, it prepares before training or regenerates tissues after intense exercise. Całościowy
55 min.
190 zł Plecy
25 min.
100 zł
Medicinal spine Massage focusing on the soft tissues in the area of the spine, reduces pain, the feeling of muscle tension, heals and prevents spine diseases. 25 min. 130 zł - -
Aromatherapeutic Massage with SHEA butter or essential oils has a relaxing, anti-stress and nourishing effect on the skin. Całościowy
55 min.
180 zł Częściowy
25 min.
90 zł
Classic Classic massage techniques improve the overall well-being of the body. Całościowy
55 min.
180 zł Częściowy
25 min.
90 zł
Vitberg vibrotherapy A unique medical system that applies mechanical stimuli to improve circulation and relieve pain of various etiologies 30 min 50 zł    
Hot stones Massage with basalt stones, heated to a temperature of about + 60C, reduces muscle tension, soothes the body and mind Całościowy
55 min.
220 zł Częściowy
25 min
140 zł
Mud Classic tissue massage with the addition of peloid emulsion, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Całościowy
55 min.
190 zł Częściowy
25 min.
100 zł
Face massage     80 zł    

Wellness area

Saunas The effect of the sauna on our body includes an increase in metabolism and cleansing the body of toxins. Dry, temp. 60-90oC, humidity 10-15%; time: 1 godz., price: 40 zł/pers. 60 zł/2 pers. or 100 zł./group from 3-6 pers. max.
Massage chair Relaxing mechanical massage Mini: Czas: 10 min, cena: 20 zł
Maxi: Czas: 20 min, cena: 30 zł
Maxi Plus: Czas: 30 min cena: 40 zł
Jaccuzi Jacuzzi bath deeply relaxes and unwinds. Boiling, sparkling warm water neutralizes pain, reduces muscle tension, firms the skin and puts you in a better mood. Czas: 60 min.
cena: 40 zł /os 60 zł/2 os. lub 80 zł/grupa 3-6 os. max.
Phytobasket - Cedar ritual A unique treatment with a wide range of effects to strengthen the body, especially after infections. A phytocyte made of Siberian cedar wood has healing properties thanks to the release of essential oils with fungicidal and bactericidal properties. It cleanses the body. regenerates after exercise, oxygenates and firms the skin. After the session, herbal infusions and water are served in the barrel. Czas: 50 min.
Cena: 60 zł/osobę lub 100 zł/parę
Dry sauna and jacuzzi Dry sauna cleanses of toxins, accelerates regeneration, increases immunity, and the jacuzzi deeply relaxes, relaxes and acts anti-stress. 1 godz. 60zl/os. 80zl/2 osoby lub 2 godz. 140 zł /3-6 osób lub bez limitu: 250 zł/ 3-6 osób 300 zł/powyżej 6 osób bez limitu

Physical therapy

Laser The biostimulating laser has an analgesic effect, regenerates it, and is used in many skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. cena: 20 zł/zabieg
Electrotherapy Electrotherapy (iontophoresis, TENS, Trabert currents, interference, galvanization) has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect, also in chronic pain. cena: 20 zł/zabieg
The magnetic field Magnetic field - widely used in rehabilitation, it has an analgesic, anti-swelling and stimulating effect.
Heals and inhibits disease processes.
cena: 20 zł/zabieg

Additional services

Training with a personal trainer 60 min. 80 zł
Dietary consultation with a menu   200 zł
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