Multipurpose pitch

Of course, the above these are just the main applications that we can use in completely different ways. Playing a comet or a number of other recreational or sports activities on a pitch measuring 45m x 32m (total size) gives you many possibilities. The pitch is equipped with artificial grass of different densities at the courts to ensure the best properties. It is equipped with 3m x 2m goals, volleyball and tennis sets. This allows, for example, two courts to be rented by completely strangers or a great competition and fun for people playing volleyball, and next to a couple playing tennis.

Now it all depends on you - we, on our part, have made every effort to prepare the most professional sports base. Thanks to the infrastructure, the pitch can be used by people with disabilities.

A very important information is that the facility has LED (halogen) lighting that gives a very high brightness, and thus allows you to play late hours.

We can use the pitch from spring to autumn - in winter, we invite you to the Ryterski Raj Stok and the Ice Rink.

Completely new pitch for multi-purpose use. It allows for the implementation of team sports such as:
• football •
• Handball •
• volleyball •
• tennis • - Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji, tenis, korty tenisowe, narty, siłownia, SPA, półkolonie, Rytro, Stary Sącz, Nowy Sącz, Piwniczna

Climbing zone

Our next proposal is a climbing wall 17 meters wide and 3 meters high. Such a large area will certainly be a challenge for many people, not only the youngest. Its height allows it to be used without any special security measures. The parent or the belayer can simply stand behind the user to fully secure their struggles. It is equipped with specially designed mats to cushion a possible fall. It will be a zone that will undoubtedly require quite a lot of skill and strength, which will discharge the batteries of more than one person. It is worth grading your adventure in this zone to get the most fun out of it. Who knows if the adventure with mountain climbing will not start in Ryterski and will become a passion for life. We, for our part, hope that it will be so. We encourage you to continue the next stages of your struggle in the Nowy Sącz region. As a reminder, the largest range of Beskidy Sądecki is the Radziejowa range 1262m above sea level and is higher than the Jaworzyna Krynicka 1114m above sea level, although this one is more extensive.

Wall climbing is very popular, it has many benefits for our body, and when it becomes our passion, with age, we can transfer these acquired skills to mountain areas to set our own records.

Toddler zone

Safe and sandy ground and numerous obstacles that children will face,
they will surely be of great interest. From classic fun
in the sand by climbing on one of the stations imitating a rope pyramid, which will probably be the first peak conquered. Perhaps it will instill in the youngest a desire to conquer the Beskid Sądecki Mountains,
and with the development of skills and strength higher and higher points. The second station, more extensive and demanding, will encourage slightly older and more efficient kids. It will require proper fitness, balance skills and muscle strength. Of course, all this is wrapped up in lots of joy and smiles. After all, all this space is created just for these positive emotions. Indirectly, it will also be the parent's zone - because tired after work, but full of willingness to spend time with his greatest treasure, he will be able to provide him with many attractions, and he will be able to sit on a bench and rest safely and control play.

Technically: 1 station 4.5m x 4.5m
2 station 10m x 5m

Outdoor gym

Physical activity for everyone! - you do not know how to properly use the available equipment? Don't worry, each station has a description of the exercise along with its properties that have a positive effect on our body. If we add fresh mountain air to training, and natural spring waters in close proximity, we have the perfect recipe for health.

The versatility of the devices will allow you to increase fitness, oxygenate the body, improve blood circulation, others will strengthen our muscles again, which is also very important for everyone at any age.

We cordially encourage you to use our gym, and after training to replenish your energy to our Rogasiowa Inn.


RYTERSKI Recreation Center it also has many other attractions for the more or less active.

  1. The first option is a gym. An ideal place for those who want to improve their condition, strengthen their strength and improve their figure. Everyone will find something for themselves there, also in terms of correction it is worth visiting such places.
  2. Table Tennis requires stamina and agility. It is very popular not only in schools. We also suggest spending some time playing deuces or fours
    and just have a great time.
  3. Eden SPA is a place where everyone can choose a treatment or massage for themselves, put themselves in the hands of professionals and relax blissfully. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer. First of all, remember about the proper regeneration of our body, not only after hard training, but also everyday work.
  4. Children's playroom is a place for the little ones. Lots of colors, toys, board games and more to keep you entertained. In addition, our room is equipped with a TV with an Xbox console, for a bit more demanding

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