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Skating rink

Roller skating is undoubtedly a pleasant form of active leisure. It gives us a lot of pleasure, and is especially beneficial for our health. The muscles work more intensively, the blood flows faster through our body, and the dose of endorphin will guarantee a smile on our face.
An additional advantage of our 30m x 20m zone are bands that will help beginners and ensure safety.
Another attraction are numerous obstacles: figure eight, slalom, curve riding and others, which will change frequently for variety.
They will have a positive effect not only on the enjoyment of driving, but also affect the improvement of skills.

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Are you wondering whether to give it a try, but don't want to spend money on hardware? - it is no obstacle for us. Visit our rental shop. We have rollers in sizes from 33 to 44, moreover, a helmet is an indispensable element of safety.

Cena biletu:
Bilet normalny- 10 zł
Bilet ulgowy- 8 zł

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