Explore the Sądecki region!

Our region has about 1,000 km of well-marked trails. Gentle green paths are undoubtedly the best form of active regeneration of our muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. More demanding and difficult expeditions can strengthen the muscular body, develop endurance and condition. When choosing your own trail, it is worth supporting yourself with maps or using the help of our guide. Remember about proper preparation, regardless the distance and difficulty level of the route.

Springs of clean water

Whether you are a recreational stroller or an extreme athlete, the nature accepts everyone. A sip of crystal clear water straight from the spring, a breath of clean mountain air and the beauty of Beskid Sądecki are the most valuable rewards.

Rogasiowy Trail

When visiting the RyterSKI recreation center, we encourage you to get to know one of the most beautiful trails of the Roztoka Valley - "Rogasiowy Trail" - marked green, has as many as 14 stops well describedwhere you can find out the local flora and fauna. We suggest starting your hike along the trail from the "Catherine Spring", also known as the Spring of Youth, and ending at the "Rogas Spring". The history of the trail with the adventures of children from Rytro is described by Maria Kownacka in her famous novel "Rogaś from Roztoka Valley" .

For wanderers

Przehyba - for those who are eager for mountain excursions

For more demanding hikers, we offer a trip to Przehyba - a place where you can admire the views of the Pieniny, Tatra Mountains and the Gorce range.

1,200 km of slopes and trails

How beautiful and picturesque the Sądecczyzna can boast as much as 1,200 km of routes and bicycle routes. Their great advantage is their diversity. If we want the whole family to spend a Sunday afternoon on bikes, and the route is to be gentle and safe, there are more and more of them every year. People who need a considerable dose of adrenaline will also find something for themselves, especially in the paths leading to the picturesque peaks of the Beskid Mountains.

For young and old

We can start our cycling adventure from many points. The main part of the Carpathian Cycling Trail or one of its branches, as well as EuroVelo11. The whole thing can be divided into three sections, where we start first:

from Leluchów bordering Slovakia to Nowy Sącz
from Nowy Sącz through Łososina Dolna to Wytrzyszczki
or on the other shore of Lake Rożnowskie from Nowy Sącz through Rożnów to Wytrzyszczki

Mountains and lakes

It is worth going along the routes along the Rożnowskie Lake to learn a bit about the Inca treasures. Our proposal is a section of 31 km. Start Gródek Nad Dunajcem, direction Zakliczyn - Gródek Nad Dunajcem. On the way, we come across the oldest temple in the Sądecki region. However, to get to it, you need to use the ferry that moors right next to the castle in Troposzyn. Other interesting places will be the boulevards of the Tarnowski Castle, the Stadnicki manor, the church on the hill, the ruins of the Zawisza Czarny Castle and the Rożnowska Dam.

There are also many other routes, for example from Muszyna which requires a route of 60 km. However, we encourage you to set off from Rytro along the surrounding trails, through forests to beautiful peaks, eg PTTK Przehyba or milder variants along the asphalt road towards Stary Sącz.

Not having a bike is not a problem!

Rent a bike with us

Activity in the Sądeckie region is developing very quickly, which is why more and more often we meet numerous bicycle rentals - also in RYTERSKIE. An alternative for slightly more lazy, but still eager cycling adventures, we encourage you to rent electric bikes. Their range when driving with power assistance is as much as 40-50 km. The maximum speed is 25 km / h

Beskid Sądecki looks beautiful, not only from mountain trails!

Rafting on a raft

It is worth exploring the Poprad Landscape Park, also from the side of Poprad itself. It has numerous attractions, including, first of all, rafting. It starts in Piwniczna Zdrój, which can be reached by going towards Mnisko, while its final section is at the foot of the castle hill in Rytro.
Everything takes place on special boats with a slight draft of up to 9 cm, which allows you to run off even when the water level is not high. The rafter is responsible for the rudder, assisted by a special oar called a perch. The time ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the weather conditions.

Canoeing and pontoon trips

Both pontoon trips and kayaks are becoming more and more popular. However, they are more dangerous than boat trips. The more extreme ones set up a three-day rafting trip with two overnight stays anywhere between Stara Ľubovňa in Slovakia and the mouth of the Dunajec River near Nowy Sącz.
The most popular route is Muszyna - Żegiestów, which we cover from 1.5 to 4 hours. Rafting does not require special physical preparation, but remember that safety is a priority. A dinghy is a safer option due to its lower immersion depth and greater stability. The kayak allows us to fight with the water stream once, calm at times, to surprise us again with the speed and dose of adrenaline.

Whitewater kayaking track

Wietrznice near Łąck is a place on the Dunajec River, where there is a fast current. European and even world rank events are organized there. We have the possibility to rent it by the hour, organize competitions, integration events, etc. On the 350 m slalom section there is 3 m height variation. We have obstacles of varying difficulty there to overcome. Every year it attracts more and more lovers of wild waters. For some, this place is the beginning of a professional career.
An interesting fact is the extreme level of Aquakanioning - it is also an element of training rescuers GOPR, TOPR and special units of the Border Guard. Groups of Mountain rescuers and Tatra Mountains Volunteer Rescue Service also undergo a test here.

The neighborhood is full of historic sites!

History of the castle in Rytro

Initially, a wooden building was erected in the 13th century. It was a watchtower at the customs house on the Poprad River. The oldest brick part is a cylindrical tower from the end of the 13th century. Although it is not known to whom the castle was built. In the first half of the fourteenth century, the building was certainly the property of the kingdom.
King Władysław Łokietek, his daughter Elżbieta, Kazimierz Wielki and Queen Jadwiga were here. It is known from the records from 1580 that the castle was badly damaged. In the 1970s, archaeological and conservation works were carried out.

There are also stories about treasures connected with Rytro. Jan Długosz mentions his hiding, and apparently the Poor Clares from Stary Sącz showed him the testament of Piotr Wydźga, in which he informs about the hiding of gold in the castle. Of course, many were looking for treasures, but no one managed to do so.

The royal castle in Nowy Sącz

Dated 1350-1360, erected by Casimir the Great at the fork of two rivers: Dunajec and Kamienica. She could admire him, among others Queen Jadwiga. Jan Długosz stayed here in the 15th century. Unfortunately, the castle burnt down in 1522, but it was rebuilt in the 16th - 17th centuries in the Renaissance style. Successively destroyed by the Swedes. Rebuilt again, this time partly by the Austrian authorities during the partitions, to serve as a police office. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the unfortunate fate of the castle, in 1813 a flood washed the west wing, which fell to the Dunajec. In 1838 it was converted into a military barracks, and in 1846 the government sold the castle to the town. Partial reconstruction took place in 1905. In 1938, the Museum of the Sądecki Region was opened there, but due to the outbreak of the war it was completely destroyed by 1945. Finally, in 1959 it was reconstructed according to the plan from the 17th century.

Muszyna Tower

Muszyna "Baszta" built on a steep slope above the Poprad bend. Its creation dates back to 1390. It was then the residence of the episcopal starosts of the "Muszyna State" until 1474, when it was significantly damaged.
Its complete degradation took place during the partitions, where you can also find a mention of Italian stonemasons building a railway tunnel in Żegiestów, blowing up some of the walls in search of treasures. Only fragments of the walls have survived to modern times. Today, work is underway to expand the castle and restore it to its former glory. The commencement of works is planned for the nearest period, and its project can be seen on the websites of the Muszyna authorities and the local yearbook.


There is an indoor swimming pool right next to the Center. It is 25 meters long and has 5 tracks. In the shallowest point, it is 120 cm long. An ideal place for people who want to take care of their body recreationally. Organized groups will also be able to conduct training. It is worth remembering that water has a huge impact on our body. During such an effort our muscles work, while the joints are relieved. The correct silhouette of our body is shaped, and most importantly, our nervous system relaxes and relaxes. An additional advantage of this place are the Aqua Aerobics classes that are perfect for everyone, almost at any age.

Radwanów Bathing Beach

The swimming pool is located not far from Rytro, in the direction of Piwniczna Zdrój. It consists of a closed part and outdoor attractions. The indoor swimming pool, 150 cm deep, has three swimming lanes. The outer part has three troughs with a depth in the range of 120 cm to 180 cm. Additional attractions are slides and underwater massages. There is a catering point waiting for the hungry. We also have a hot tub and a sauna at our disposal.
In the winter season, we can use the ice rink in the swimming pool area.

Bathing resort `` Zapopradzie '' in Muszyna

The pools in Zapopradz in Muszyna are an ideal place for children
and adults on hot days. In the area of the swimming pool we have a recreational pool 135 cm deep with two swimming lanes and 4 jacuzzis filled with healing water, a paddling pool with a small slide and a fountain. The water temperature is 28 degrees C and the jacuzzi is 33 degrees C. The recreational pool is equipped with a water umbrella, wall massage, water cascades, an artificial wave cave, a bottom geyser and an island. As you can see, a lot of attractions that will bring a lot of joy and good for our body and mind. Other attractions, such as a paddling pool for children with a depth of 10 - 35 cm and a 10 m slide, are also available on the premises of the complex.

In the close vicinity of Rytro, there are many different sports facilities. Individuals and groups requiring special training facilities will certainly be happy to visit these points.

Sports and entertainment hall in Rytro

Located a short distance from the Center. We have 3 sectors at our disposal, with full equipment. You can rent 1 sector or the entire hall according to your needs. It will certainly be an ideal solution for those sports groups that require professional training or tournament conditions.

Sports and entertainment hall in Piwniczna Zdrój

The climbing wall is located in Piwniczna Zdrój. It will be a challenge, fun and a requirement for more than one person. It is worth trying this sport discipline, because it significantly strengthens the strength and endurance of our muscles. A large dose of adrenaline will be provided by the height with which we will struggle, over 15 m. There is also a gym and a sports hall with dimensions of 20 mx 40 m and stands with 230 seats.

next door

Rope park

There is a wonderful rope park above the RYTERSKI Center. The beauty of the Beskid, communing with nature and struggling with obstacles will be a very interesting attraction for many people. The variety of routes is attractive and age appropriate. Lots of fun and joy for the youngest, but also a challenge for young people and adults. The considerable height and the obstacles we will face will be a challenge. However, it is worth choosing this place because of the beauty of nature, the close vicinity and, above all, your own health. Movement in the fresh air, strengthening the muscles and stimulating the cardiovascular system is needed by everyone at any age.

Galician town

The Galician Town in Nowy Sącz is an extraordinary museum space, which is a branch of the Sądecki Ethnographic Park. It is unusual, because a visit to this place takes us decades back to the market square and streets that reflect the character of the small-town buildings of nineteenth-century Galicia. The objects that make up them have been faithfully recreated on the basis of old plans, drawings and preserved markets in Małopolska towns, including Stary Sącz, Czchów, Lanckorona, Ciężkowice or Krościenko, and equipped in accordance with historical records. Thanks to this, while walking around the market square surrounded by burgher houses, crossing every threshold, you can fully feel the atmosphere of centuries ago.

Stary Sącz

Stary Sącz - one of the oldest cities in Poland. Medieval buildings, a regional museum, the Monastery of Poor Clares founded by Princess Kinga and the Papal Altar, where John Paul II visited on June 16, 1999. A very charming place that will delight many. You will surely spend a lot of nice moments there, which are worth immortalizing in your photo album

Krynica Zdrój and Muszyna

Muszyna and Krynica Zdrój are places rich in many types of mineral waters that can be found not only in the Main Pump Room, but also in numerous points scattered throughout their area. In addition, they have numerous places that must be seen, such as "Baszta", promenade in Krynica, Jaworzyna Krynica and Góra Parkowa.a.

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